The QBank Story

A high-performance SaaS company, we have 19 years of experience in developing and implementing Digital Asset Management solutions for businesses across the globe.

DAM experts since 2003

2003 - Search & Organize

QBank is born. QBank was initially a light DAM solution focused on search and organization. 

2005 - Distribution

We added more functionality and focused on the distribution of assets stored in QBank.

2007 - Media Portals

One of our most popular feature, the QBank Media Portal, is born. A Media Portal is a branded website that can be used for sharing image, videos or documents with external or internal stakeholders.

2010 - API & Connectivity

Our integration possibilities are really picking up and with our open API we are able to integrate with external solutions such as CMS, Microsoft Office and more.

2012 - Mobile & Social Media

We added our social media distribution channels for Facebook, Youtube, and Flickr. A highly appreciated release and yet another step toward an ecosystem of integrations.

2014 - Control & Reports

As we know, data and statistics is necessary for making great decisions and scaling. We added our statistics functionality, giving our customers a better overview of where their assets are used.

2017 - Automations & Workflows

QBank has grown from a light DAM to a full-blown Enterprise DAM solution, with features for turning your digital asset efforts into a machinery through automations and workflows.

2018 - AI & Machine Learning

We are keeping a high pace on developing features and this is the year when we reveal our first AI and machine learning functionalities.

2022 - Exciting things ahead

This year's roadmap is filled with exceptional new features for our customers to accelerate their DAM investments. We're looking forward to an exciting year!

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