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Curious to what QBank will bring to 2021? Here is a summary of upcoming features, modules, integrations and infrastructure coming up during next year. Enjoy!

We are looking forward to a great year with numerous news and updates. In December we held a Roadmap Webinar where our CTO Hootan Soheilzad presented the 2021 Roadmap – click here to watch the webinar on-demand.

Webinar Roadmap 2021

What defines our Roadmap?

Our roadmap is defined by new technology and finding out new types of technology like AI and integration possibilities. We also base it on Business Intelligence, looking at aligning our roadmap with our partner’s roadmaps and also the market to keep up with other vendors in the Martech Stack. But most important of all is looking at our customer’s needs and requests – we are a client driven organization and that will show in our roadmap.

DAM usage beyond MarCom

HubSpot Video

For many years a DAM was only used by the Marketing and Communications Departments. What we have seen is that we get more and more users from outside those departments. Naturally, Marketing and Communications are still the largest group of users and we don’t see that change but more and more departments are realising they have digital assets for storage and publishing as well. Today we have users from departments like HR, Services, Sales, Support and R&D.

New Features and Enhancements

Search Engine – Something that we are working on improving all the time but for 2021 we are starting to use a different search engine than we are using today. As mentioned above, we are always looking at new technology to improve already existing features.

Moodboard 2.0 – We are creating new templates of our popular Moodboards. As our User base is growing, we have found that the needs of different types of Moodboards have changed as well. The new Moodboard platform will be more flexible to meet new needs.

UX/UI – A very important part of developing a great DAM is of course the UX/UI and also something that we are working on. But this year we will give it some extra focus.

AI & Reverse Image Search – Also something that we brought up before and it’s because it is something that is extremely important to keep working on, new technologies turn to new possibilities. The enhancements with reverse image search are more advanced search possibilities that our customers have urged for.

Reports & Statistics – An important tool in QBank that keeps getting more and more due to more integrations. Today data is everything and we need to make sure our customers can reach all the data available for smart integrations and streamlined workflows.

Notification Engine – We are looking to improve our existing notification engine and add more features to it.

New Modules and Services

QPortal – This is a new tool that enable our users to create new media portals. Today, this is done by QBank but with this new portal our customers can do this themselves.

Banner Builder – A great tool for creating banners with your digital assets uploaded in QBank. The feature will enable you to add and edit text blocks and multiple image layers as well as logotypes.

Process & Automation Engine – This will allow the user, in a graphical interface, to create an automation and processes in QBank. This is similar to setting up workflows in a Marketing automation tool.

Creative Workflow – Enhancements on existing features for the creative process.

Tech Docs – Due to a wider usage of QBank we have had an increase in customers that wish to use QBank for storage and sharing technical documentations like manuals and product sheets. This have resulted in new integration possibilities and other types of workflows.

Integrations and Connectors

New Connector Window – This is the widow that you will see in all of your integrated tools when adding an asset from QBank. The new design will be released in January.

Universal Connector – This might seem familiar to some, since this was on our 2020 Roadmap, but due to the special circumstances we had to priorities other activities. But we believe that this is a truly great feature and therefore it’s on the Roadmap for 2021. This feature will enable publishing from within any tool or channel that can manage drag-n-drop.


Scalability – New features and challenges we need to make sure we have a scalable tool, as they are growing their usage. This will also include an upgrade on or database engine.

Services – We have been hosting QBank on one platform, but now we are looking at being able to use the best platform for each different service.


We will launch the news and updates throughout the year, follow us in our social media channels and subscribe to our newsletter and you will not risk missing anything.


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