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On October 3rd we held our annual event DAM Day, in Stockholm. Every year we share the latest news in QBank and our roadmap for upcoming year. This year was no exception and our CTO shared the latest.

DAM Day is a great opportunity for us to share what has been cooking the last year and what we will focus on in the upcoming year. In the video below you can watch our CTO Hootan Soheilzad's keynote on insights, a short demo and the 2020 roadmap.

Watch the DAM Day keynote below or visit our YouTube channel for a version with subtitles. 

HubSpot Video

what to expect in 2020

Our roadmap is defined by three primary focus points;

  • Customers’ needs and requirements,
  • New technology
  • Monitoring of markets. 

This is what enables us to offer a flexible solution customized for every customers’ specific needs. 

Workflows & Automation

Workflows and automation is something that many (if not all) of our users requests and need. Throughout 2019 we have focused on creating more smart workflows and automations and this is something that we will continue to spend a lot of time on. This is an area that is growing rapidly and there are still a lot of new and exciting automations to add to QBank.

AI & Machine Learning

As shown on DAM Day we have a new feature coming up, the QBank Dashboard. It has not been released yet but a beta version will soon be tested by a selected group of QBank, users before it's ready to be launched. More information about the Dashboard will be presented when we launch it.

Below is a preview of the Dashboard beta version that was shown on DAM Day.


Reports and Analytics

Reports and statistics are also areas where we have dig deeper and develop even smarter and more advanced analytics. On DAM Day we got a great example of this from our customer Viacom International’s brand MTV have used QBank's analytics tool to decrease their content production costs by half, and increase their social media engagement by over 100 %.

Universal Connector

We know from experience that requirements for integrations and connectors are continuously growing and a we are now looking to build a universal connector. This  would be a great tool for our users. The Universal Connector is an extension to Google Chrome and Internet Explorer that manages drag-and-drop to any web based tool that support the feature. 

New File Formats & UX/UI Updates

Another trend we are witnessing is that DAM-needs have moved beyond the Marketing and Communications Teams' (MarCom) and now include Research and Development, Human Resources, Support and Training and Services. QBank can store all types of file formats but what we have to enable is previews of the new formats like 3D prints and CAD drawings, and making sure the can be converted correctly. With that comes UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) updates. 


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