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There is no surprise that content production is a time-consuming part of marketing. But with great tools, like QBank's Image Tool you can work more cost-effective with digital assets and reuse of content.

Content production is a process that takes a lot of time from Marketing and Communications Teams. There are many steps included and often many stakeholders involved. With a DAM solution you are one step ahead, since you are in control of your assets and reuse of content probably comes naturally to you. With our latest extension to our image tool, you can be even more efficient and produce content in QBank.


QBank's Image Tool has been updated with a great extension that is called Place Image. This will enable you to bring your creative content production into QBank. It will support you in placing images or layers on another image, turning it to new content. Imagine all images you open in Photoshop or InDesign just to add a logotype, with Place Image you can fix it with only a few clicks.

There are multiple areas of use for this, at QBank we use it to make standardized headers for our newsletter. We just added a png file with a text block with transparent background and we add it as a new layer to an image of choice. As shown in video. If you are publishing similar art works in social media, this will enable you to manage it from QBank. Also, this is a great tool for banner production where you might work with the same message but different background. Your creativity will set the boundaries. 


HubSpot Video

Place image

Choose the image you wish to use as base or background and open the image tool. Place an image or layer by the media picker, drag it to preferred position and scale up or down. Multiple layers are possible, just add another one. The order of your layers can be adjusted with the arrows next to the layer preview in the left menu.


The image tool enables you to set the transparency after your specific needs. Simply pull the slider to adjust transparency. Layers with transparent background will turn white when placed on an image, this will not show on the final result.

Save as...

When you are satisfied with your work, save the image in preferred way, as a new version, a new media or just for download. Maybe you wish to save it in all three ways? The window will not close after you saved the image, to enable you to save in multiple ways, without having to start all over again.


I want the feature!

Are you interested in using the Image Tool's Place Image feature? Fill out the support form and we will help you get started. 


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