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The beginning of a new year is equal to countless marketing trend reports. So, instead of me predicting 2020's trends, I will let you in on how QBank DAM can meet a few of the upcoming trends.

Striving for efficiency is something Marketing Departments have been struggling with for a long time. The difference now is that there are tech support like Digital Asset Management(DAM) to help solve inefficiency issues. In this blog post we take a DAM perspective on how to meet upcoming marketing trends.

Influencer Marketing

Promoting your brand with social influencers looks like it will continue to be a winning concept. Though, what’s predicted to grow is not the use of celebrities, but instead the growing of micro influencers.

The DAM take - For a Marketing Department more influencers is equal to more images, videos and content that requires management and control. With a DAM solution you can keep track of confidential campaign material, tag images portraying people with name and even attach consent agreements, and instant publishing in multiple channels. Also, you can keep track of where the content is published externally, like on blogs or shares in social media – a highly appreciated feature we call external usage.

Data Driven Marketing

We are getting better at analyzing our data to create data-based content in order to enhance personalization and reaching target audiences.

The DAM take - If you use a DAM as your single source of truth and integrate it to your Martech stack, your CMS, PIM, Social media platform or specific social channels, a Brand Portal or Marketing Automation, you have a huge pile of data to analyze. The data is there, the tricky part is to analyze and combine it in order to create amazing marketing campaigns.

In QBank you have a variety of stats at your disposal like views of published assets, usage internally, usage externally and downloads.

A Customer Success Story -  One of our customers who publish content from QBank to the social media platform, have reported an increase in impressions by 200% and a 50% decrease in content production cost. This great success was a result of analyzing data in both QBank and After adding a DAM to their Martech Stack they could easily track what content were actually used, and what content were produced but never published. That insight, together with stats from, made their social media efforts extremely successful.


When taking a DAM perspective of the personalization trend we have a couple of aspects.

#1 - Personalized Content Management
We have the personalized content that needs to be tagged and managed in an efficient manner. Think of white papers or e-books and all the different versions you produce – how do you manage and keep control of it?

A Customer Success Story - We have a customer that use up to 30 different personas when making a white paper. With QBank they use metadata to tag the content after accurate personas and language. On top of that you have the distribution, that is enabled from QBank thanks to integrations to their Martech tools.

# Personalization by rights management
Another personalization aspect is the internal perspective. I refer to your organization, and everyone working with assets stored in your DAM. With an advanced rights management you can customize visibility and access after your specific needs.

With an integration to your CMS your administrator in QBank can easily push accurate images to your Web Editor, who can feel confident in only publishing right assets. Safe and consistent.


Oh no, not video again! Well, video is continuing to be part of trend reports in 2020, as well. Might not feel like the hottest trend, but nevertheless it keeps on hitting all-time highs.

QBank Video Features - In QBank we saw a staggering 172% increase in uploaded videos during 2019 compared to 2018. During the last two years our Developers have put a lot of hours in developing new cool features related to video. We have the usable AI generated subtitles and an extended translation feature (that we use in-house for event videos). A real time-saver based on Google Speech to Text tool and Google Translate. We got the outro and intro feature that enable you to add a video layer in the beginning or in the end of a video.

A Customer Success Story - This is used by one of our customers who communicate in 35 different languages and have language specific intros and outros. Now, guess how much time they save?


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