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Fall equals busy times when it comes to campaigns, how many and how large is related to business and market, but it is safe to say that many of you have a seasonal campaign to plan in the near future.

To manage marketing campaigns, you have to use a lot of content to reach the many different stakeholders, such as a Black Friday campaign, which requires publishing in multiple on- and offline channels.


Campaigns need content

  • Email greeting's (with accurate logotype)
  • Banner images (social media channels, website)
  • Website information
  • Google ad's
  • E-commerce seasonal product offers
  • Internal information (campaign information, invitations to event)
  • Social media (Instagram, Facebook, You Tube)
  • Seasonal logotype
  • In-store promotional banners

Running seasonal campaigns are time-consuming and most often involves many stakeholders. Campaign also contains a lot of content and includes co-workers and ad agencies. Due to multiple stakeholders involvement in interest in time-consuming proof readings, rounds of approval. 

To make a holiday banner/header for several communications channels, you need to make a lot of different versions in order to fit different communications channels size requirements. Each equally important to enable best possible reach while staying on brand. This is where QBank can help out and make the task easier.


In control of all versions

With QBank you are always in control of all versions of your content. From the original to all different formats of your publish-ready content. You will have full control of different sizes, resolutions and versions.

Version Management and keeping control can be overwhelming, QBank keep track of the different versions of your assets, in order for you to feel content knowing that all versions are updated and in one place. If you need to go back a step in the process, no problem, QBank will keep all versions.


Campaign folders - a time saver

A campaign folder is a folder set up to fit all your campaign related assets. The folder could contain assets with a specific metadata tag you use when publishing campaign material, such as Black Friday. Because campaigns are tied to a specific timeframe, QBank allows you to filter on date, making it easy to find the correct asset.

Our customer Coop Norway are using the campaign folder feature, to help them keep all of their campaigns up to date and ready to go. Switching logotype due to the Christmas campaign is no problem, when campaign folders are set to show their Christmas version of the logotype, and then switches it back when the Christmas campaign is over. Saving Coop Norway a lot of time.


Collaborations made easier

Moodboards are a great way to share digital assets and can be used for proof reading or approval rounds for banners or ads. A Moodboard is a temporary website where you add chosen assets that you wish to share, or share an empty Moodboard for collecting assets by having someone upload assets.  Using Moodboards you decide who will be granted access and who can upload, download, and comment on assets. For a secure interaction, Moodboards can be password protected.

Moodboards can be used to share content both internal and external stakeholders, making campaigns easier thanks to efficient collaboration. Large e-mail attachments are long gone!

Interested in reading more about Moodboards? This blog post will let you know more about the excellent feature.


Reach out and integrate

With the right integrations with QBank, you can have your ads, banner, prints reaching your target group within seconds and all automatically published. Integrations for CMS providers like Optimizely (Episerver), Umbraco, Drupal will shorten your time to market while in full control of what is being published on your websites. 

Adding integrations for your social media engagements like Brandwatch (former turning your DAM into a distribution machine and you can publish your campaigns simultaneously. 

Hopefully this will help you in running efficient campaigns. If you have any questions about the features mentioned above, contact us!


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