2018 in review

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It’s about that time of the year when reviews are starting to show up – here is QBank's year in review!

To summarize 2018, I sat down with our CTO Hootan Soheilzad and went through an eventful year filled with new interesting client projects, new features, and events. Here are a few highlight we want to share with you, enjoy!

QBank DAM in 2018

Client cases in 2018

We have welcomed several new QBank customers during the year. Not only is it nice to introduce them to our DAM, but it’s also an opportunity to grow and learn. With every new customer comes new learnings, it can be a new way of using workflows, automation or integrations to a new tool. Many of our customers have increased their demands for automated solutions and workflows during the year, which goes hand-in-hand with our roadmap and development.

QBank Customer Coop Norge

One customer to highlight is our Norwegian client Coop, a grocery and construction goods retailer with 1200 stores and e-commerce. Coop’s DAM solution is one of QBank’s more advanced set ups and the project itself was comprehensive. But in June of 2018, we launched their QBank successfully. We were thrilled when Coop accepted our invitation to present their case on our event DAM Day. Thank you, Coop!

QBank Features of 2018

Our developers have been working hard throughout the year and the result is a number of great new features. To mention a few; reverse image search, Google Vision image analysis, video templates Outro and Logotype, the Slide Builder, GDPR related features, and integrations for Azure, Amazon AWS and Dropbox.

QBank Roadmap 2019

At DAM Day Hootan presented QBank's Roadmap 2019, and it was highly appreciated, some of you might have read about it otherwise you'll find it here. He took us on a journey starting back in 2003 when QBank first saw the light of day, all the way up to today. He gave us a peek of what to expect in 2019, including more AI and Machine Learning, video features, and image recognition to mention a few.

Some of those upcoming features will be revealed in January, so keep an eye on the blog or follow us on LinkedIn.

Partnerships & Integrations 2018

This year has been a great one for our collaboration with social media platform partner Falcon.io. We have several new international clients that use QBank with the connector for Falcon.io. These customers push social media content for multiple brands and markets from within QBank. 

Another great partner collaboration this year was with DeBroome, when we built a DAM solution integrated with Brand Manual for Swedish fashion house Tiger of Sweden.QBank Customer Tiger of Sweden

Since January we have developed a few new integration possibilities, we have earlier mentioned Azure, Dropbox and Amazon AWS.

One we haven’t talked so much about just yet is the integration for SAP Hybris. One of our larger clients are using it to publish content to their digital product catalogue.

2018’s best event – DAM Day

QBank Event DAM Day

Last but not least we had the best DAM Day in September. The event was held in Stockholm and was attended by 140 customers, partners, and DAM interested. Coop Norway, Ericsson and Polygon shared their DAM experiences and knowledge. Make sure not to miss it next year!

Top 5 blog posts (so far) 2018

  1. QBank Roadmap 2019
  2. DAM features for GDPR related action
  3. Say hello to our new tag features
  4. Meet our new video templates
  5. Introducing the Slide Builder


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